Packaging Materials

The Packaging Materials segment provides diverse high-performance solutions for the manufacturing and processing of packages that are essential to our daily living. For the food packaging market where consumer safety and protection is of paramount importance, the segment offers water-based inks and adhesives, solvent-free inks, among other products. With the aim of developing petroleum-free materials and a more sustainable society, the segment continues to be a frontrunner in the development of biomass solutions.

Gravure Inks

This ink is used in a variety of fields including food and other product packages, building and decorating materials, and industrial members. For the food package application, we provide water-based and solvent-less packages pursuing safety and security and variable types of environmentally conscious products using biomass feedstocks. For the fields of building and decorating materials and industrial members, we have an extensive lineup of products with special functions.

Major Applications

  • Food packages
  • Building and decorating materials
  • Industrial members

Environmentally Conscious products — Biomass Mark-certified products

We develop inks that minimize adverse impacts on the environment and the human body and help to realize a sustainable society, such as inks that reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society, and inks that are produced by extracting compounds from resources of biological origin (biomass) and contribute to the formation of a circulating society.

Flexographic Inks

Flexo printing produces a high printing reproducibility even for base materials with unsmooth surfaces such as cardboards, cloth, and bonded materials, because it presses a flexible resin board against a base material like a stamp to print. Expectations for the combinations of high-definition plate making technologies and water-based inks are rising, as resource- and energy-saving solutions in the film packaging material field.

Major Applications

  • Various kinds of film packaging materials
  • Cardboards
  • Paper containers