Printing & Information

The genesis of the Toyo Ink Group is rooted in the Printing and Information segment, an important foundation of our business today. By taking advantage of the Group's strength of integrated production from raw materials such as pigments and resins down to the end-product, the segment delivers diversified products such as eco-friendly products and highly functional UV inks, while providing printing process standardization support and other services to its customers.

Offset Inks

Printing is indispensable in today's daily life as the main medium for conveying information. Among them, offset printing is widely used for newspapers, flyers, and books because of its ability to print texts and photographic images efficiently and with rich expressivity. We provide new value to information media through our superior products and technologies to beautifully and quickly obtain the desired image.

Major Applications

  • Flyers
  • Newspapers
  • Books and magazines

Product Details

Kaleido series, wide color rendering inks

This innovative ink can reproduce vivid color printed images in the RGB color space by using four process colors only, compared to the six or seven colors needed in the past. Its color reproducibility, which could not have been imagined before, satisfies the "persistency toward colors" of designers, photographers, and publishers.

UV Curable Inks

UV (ultra violet)-curable ink is cured immediately when irradiated with UV, which enables post-processing without going through the drying process. Because of its high productivity, demand for UV-curable ink has increased in recent years. In addition, since the ink does not contain solvent, it is an environmentally conscious ink that does not generate VOC (volatile organic compound).

Major Applications

  • Commercial printing
  • Paper containers
  • Seals and labels

Screen Printing Inks

This ink can be printed on a wide range of base materials and is used for high value-added applications, which cannot be realized with other printing methods. We develop products that produce variations of textures, such as coarse and moist, as well as functional inks specializing in the electronics field.

Major Applications

  • Packages
  • Electronics

REXALPHA series, conductive paste that gives conductivity to printed patterns

This is a conductive paste realized by combining dispersion, curing, and drying technologies with conductivity technology. It can obtain low resistance when coated thinly. Printing it can give conductivity to smartphones, wearable terminals, RFID tags, and other products.