Polymers & Coatings

Leveraging its original resins, a core material used in Group products, the Polymers and Coatings segment develops a variety of solutions tailored to the needs of the times. Based on its synthesis and coating processing technologies, a large number of its functional products are used in many applications indispensable to everyday life, such as automotive and electronics, solar cells for energy, medical and healthcare, and many more.


We have a substantial product lineup, including adhesives (pressure sensitive adhesive: PSA) and industrial adhesives, which are indispensable for daily life. We also develop highly functional products to meet the needs of new markets, including optical films, electronics, and life science.

Major Applications

  • Labels and packages
  • Electronics
  • Solar cells

Functional Films and Tapes

Film and tape products are produced by coating an adhesive over a base material such as film and bonded material. They have a broad range of applications. In particular, products that have conductivity or other functions boast an extensive track record in the electronics field.

Major Applications

  • Electronics
  • Industrial double-faced tapes
  • Marking films for outdoor signs

Electromagnetic wave shield materials

This material is produced by dispersing conductive fillers in heat-resistant adhesive (urethane resin) and produces high shield effects on the magnetic field. Since it only consists of flexible resin with heat resistance, it has superior folding endurance, flexibility, and heat-shrinkable properties and is highly suitable as electromagnetic wave shield materials for flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) and electronic components, etc.


Coatings are used to protect beverage cans, liquid-crystal panels, concrete buildings, and other base materials in a variety of situations. Applying coating materials protects surfaces while adding functions to them helps to improve the safety and added value of a product.

Major Applications

  • Cans for beverage and food
  • Electronics
  • Concreate buildings

Lioduras, UV curable functional hard coatings

Lioduras is a UV curable hard coating that forms a high transparency and high hardness coating film.
It combines antistatic, refractive index control and other UV/heat ray absorption functions and is expected to expand to a wide range of applications such as electronics.

Medical Products

We offer a broad range of medical products that are compliant with strict medical regulations, including prescription drugs, medical additives, cosmetic raw materials, and materials for medical devices and diagnostic agents.
We started manufacturing prescription drugs in 1994*, specializing in Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems (TDDS). Currently, we also offer contract manufacturing for a large number of pharmaceutical companies.

This began as a TDDS business by Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd., from which it was acquired in July 2016.

Major Applications

  • Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems (TDDS)
  • Sheet cosmetics
  • Biocompatible resin

Product Details

Natural Extracts

Based on natural pigment extraction technologies, we offer dye agents used for food and cosmetics and edible inks used to print drawings directly on food.
Bamboo extract (Kumazasa extract), a product created by utilizing technologies for extracting these pigments, is used as a functional material for food, cosmetics, and fodder.

Major Applications

  • Natural pigments for food
  • Fodder
  • Cosmetics

Product Details