Since our founding in 1896, we have developed and accumulated core materials including pigments and resins, and original core technologies such as color material design, polymer design and dispersion processing. The strength of the Toyo Ink Group lies in the fact that we control all of these materials and knowhow within the Group. We create unique products by adding to these materials and technologies a broad array of functions based on practical applications, such as printability, coating physical properties, durability or electrical characteristics. We will continue to offer higher value-added products to many different situations in life and to new business areas.

Business Segments

The Toyo Ink Group's business consists of four segments: the Colorants & Functional Materials Business, the Polymers & Coatings Business, the Packaging Materials Business, and the Printing & Information Business. Our business activities are conducted mainly by three core operating companies: Toyocolor Co., Ltd., Toyochem Co., Ltd. and Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.

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