Disclosure Policy and Disclaimer

Disclosure Policy

Information Disclosure Policy

Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. discloses information in accordance with the timely disclosure rules issued by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
It also discloses information, in a manner as active and as fair as possible, that is not applicable to the above rules, but is critical for our shareholders and investors to understand Toyo Ink Group.

Method of Information Disclosure

Toyo Ink SC Holdings discloses information pertinent to the timely disclosure rules via the timely disclosure network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in compliance with those rules. It also announces information that is disclosed via TDnet on its website as promptly as possible.
In some cases, not all information disclosed by Toyo Ink SC Holdings is presented on the website. There are also cases when information disclosed may use wording that differs from that disclosed via other methods.


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    Please use this website at your own discretion. Toyo Ink SC Holdings is not responsible for any loss arising from use of this website, including damage attributable to inaccuracies in the information presented on this website or in information that is downloaded.
  • The details presented in this website are subject to change or deletion without prior notice.
  • Toyo Ink SC Holdings is not responsible for any information presented on other websites that are linked from this website.
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