Latest Issue (2018 version)

Editorial Policy

  • In addition to explaining our long-term corporate vision, Scientific Innovation Chain 2027 (SIC27) and SIC-I, our medium-term management plan, the concept of the report was to further integrate management and CSR activities
  • Based on the five material issues for the Toyo Ink Group formulated in fiscal 2017, we reported on the conception of “actions” for each material issue and initiatives to achieve them.
  • For the environment section, we reported activities that are directly related to the material issues and summarized the detailed initiatives and environmental data in a separate volume (PDF).
  • CO2 emissions in the supply chain (Scope 1 – 3) were verified by a third party, and we showed the results in this report.
  • We had dialogues with the nonprofit organization Workers Club for Eco-Harmonic Renewable Society (President: Hiromitsu Kumetani) to apply third party opinions proactively. We referred to their opinions expressed in the dialogues and received the Third Party Views and Opinions, which are shown at the end of this report.

CSR Report

Aiming to be a company creating new value for human culture throughout the world as proclaimed in its Corporate Policy, the Toyo Ink Group has been working to solve social issues and provide value to society through its business.
In fiscal 2018, the Toyo Ink Group began executing a new long-term corporate vision and medium-term management plan. Reflecting these efforts and the adoption of important CSR challenges that we had been working on since 2016, we have compiled the CSR Report 2018, in which CSR activities are described on each of the five material issues. As examples of the value provision, the Report presents details of carbon nanotube dispersants for Li-ion batteries and color resist for image sensors.
Ms. Akemi Sato's “Nerai wo sadamete (Taking Aim),” an art brut work, is used for the cover of the Report, which was printed with Kaleido Plus™, wide-color-spectrum process inks, which vividly reproduces the colors expressed in the work such as green, red and orange.

Environmental Report

Environmental Report 2018 is a separate report that adds detailed information with the aim of further enhancing disclosure of information on environmental initiatives promoted by the Toyo Ink Group.
The Report, which is available only in the PDF version, features a layout that can be easily viewed through an internet browser on a PC.

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