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Editorial Policy

The Toyo Ink Group has reported the Toyo Ink Group's CSR activities through the “Social & Environmental Report” and the “CSR Report,” since publishing the “Environmental Report” in 1999.
Since 2021, we have published two reports, the “Integrated Report” to provide a overall picture of the Toyo Ink Group and its value creation story to all stakeholders in an easily understandable manner, and the “Sustainability Databook” that reports the Toyo Ink Group's approach and initiatives for Sustainability.

In the Integrated Report, we have integrated the past, present and future of its management strategies, businesses, corporate governance, environmental and social initiatives into a single integrated report.
In the Sustainability Data Book, in order to disclose information comprehensively to all stakeholders, we have changed the reporting format from the previous year, which was by each material issue, to the “E (Environment), S (Society), and G (Governance)“ reporting format to enhance the content of the report.

Sustainability Data Book

A report sharing the Toyo Ink Group's approach and initiatives for Sustainability.

Integrated Report

Material Issues and Actions (Supplement of CSR Report)

The Toyo Ink Group set material issues in CSR by having dialogues with its stakeholders, and specified five material issues and 19 actions. In addition, we clarified the relevance between the material issues and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.)

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