Procurement Principles / Standard for Selecting Suppliers

The Toyo Ink Group aspires to contribute to society by offering outstanding products to customers, and to build relationships of trust with suppliers through fair procurement activities carried out on an equal footing so as to achieve shared prosperity. For fair and equitable purchasing transactions, we support CSR procurement, which conforms to the Procurement Principles and the Standard for Selecting Suppliers.

Through its CSR procurement, we ensure legal compliance in its supply chain and contribute to the improvement of both working conditions and the global environment. In recent years— in the framework provided such as in the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015—companies are being required to fulfill their social responsibilities, including with respect to their supply chains. To achieve this, the Toyo Ink Group implements the following policy measures in cooperation with its suppliers.

  • Making our Procurement Principles known
    We incorporate our Procurement Principles into contractual agreements formed with suppliers in Japan, and share them with our suppliers. Moving forward, we will also endeavor to share our Procurement Principles with overseas suppliers, and to conduct the necessary activities to have suppliers cooperate with the Group's procurement activities based on an understanding of those principles.
  • Verifications and audits, etc.
    Moving forward, we will seek to gain the understanding of suppliers both in Japan and overseas with regard to our Procurement Principles, endeavor to carry out verifications and audits to ensure that those principles are observed, and develop the necessary reporting systems and rectification support, etc., for when problems are discovered.
  • Education for Toyo Ink Group employees
    The Toyo Ink Group requests that all of its employees observe and adhere to the Group's CSR Charter and Code of Conduct. Moving forward, in addition to this, we will endeavor to educate all employees who are involved in the Group's procurement activities regarding methods to eradicate problems in the Group's supply chains, including forced labor and human trafficking.

Toyo Ink Group Procurement Principles

The Toyo Ink Group is contributing to society by offering outstanding products and services to customers, while working to build honest relationships through fair and equitable procurement activities with our suppliers who work with us to build supply chains. With a view to enhancing the sustainability of supply chains built by the Group and its suppliers in order to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the global environment, the Group will conduct procurement activities such as purchasing and outsourcing in accordance with the following principles.

  1. Observance of laws and international norms
    We will comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we conduct procurement activities, and respect and comply with international codes of conduct as well as societal norms in those countries and regions.
  2. Human rights and labor considerations
    We will strive to build supply chains in which the human rights of all workers involved are respected and their labor rights and appropriate working conditions ensured, so as to eliminate inhumane treatment such as child labor and forced labor, discrimination, harassment, and potential involvement in human rights abuses including procurement of conflict minerals. Furthermore, we will demonstrate consideration for the right to life and the right to live of indigenous peoples and local residents in the areas in which we conduct business operations.
  3. Responsibility for the global environment and resources
    In addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations, we will strive to voluntarily reduce our environmental impact and our use of resources in order to contribute to the preservation of the global environment and the development of a recycling-oriented society through our procurement activities. We will maintain a particular focus on reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across our entire supply chain. As a manufacturer of chemicals, we will also ensure that chemical substance control is implemented both for raw materials and the manufacturing process.
  4. Fair business practices
    In order to gain the trust of all stakeholders, we will conduct our procurement activities based on corporate ethics and responsible business practices and in accordance with all applicable laws.  We will prohibit acts such as bribery, the sharing or receiving of illegal gains, the obstruction of fair and open competition, and the infringement of intellectual property rights, as well as strive for appropriate information disclosure so as to ensure confidentiality, accountability, and transparency.
  5. Selection of suppliers
    Suppliers are our partners when it comes to achieving our vision for a sustainable supply chain through our procurement activities. We will select like-minded suppliers who seek to improve the sustainability of the global environment and society based on fair and equitable criteria, comprehensively and rationally taking into account their capabilities and reliability in terms of factors such as legal compliance, quality, price, supply capacity, technological capability, and ability to provide information.

(Established in 2005, Revised in October, 2022)

Toyo Ink Group Standard for Selecting Suppliers

  1. Legal compliance
    The supplier must always comply with laws and societal norms. In particular, the supplier must conduct corporate activities in good faith for all supply chain stakeholders, with due consideration to human rights and labor practices.
  2. Quality
    The supplier must maintain stable quality using a quality control system that adequately meets the Group’s quality requirements.
  3. Price
    The supplier must offer prices that are appropriate and economically rational. The price of raw materials must be at a level that allows the Group to compete on price in the market.
  4. Supply capacity
    The supplier must satisfy our desired volume and delivery terms and ensure a stable supply.
  5. Technological capabilities
    The supplier must possess the technological capabilities necessary to support the monozukuri (manufacturing excellence) goals of the Group.
  6. Ability to provide information
    The supplier must be able to provide necessary or relevant information and proposals to the Group in a timely and appropriate manner.
  7. Confidentiality
    The supplier must be able to maintain the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of transacting business with the Group using an appropriate information control and security system.
  8. Eco-friendly
    The supplier must strive to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain, demonstrating adequate consideration for global environmental protection and the preservation of resources.
  9. Management base
    The supplier must practice sound and sustainable business management based on a resilient business foundation.
  10. CSR management
    The supplier must practice corporate social responsibility in business activities in conformance with the Group’s Procurement Principles and Guidelines, or in compliance with business practices at an equivalent level.

(Established in 2005, Revised in October, 2022)

Sustainable Supply Chain Guidelines