Privacy Policy

The Toyo Ink Group appropriately handles personal information and takes steps to protect personal information. In addition to enacting “Privacy Policy” and “General Rules Regarding Personal Information Based on the Privacy Policy,” we have established “Personal Information Management Rules” and appointed personal information managers to each department. A personal information ledger is used to properly manage information as part of our efforts to maintain customer confidence.

Toyo Ink Group Privacy Policy

TOYO INK Group (“TOYO”) collects and uses personal information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address in order to conduct our business smoothly. TOYO acknowledges that it is our crucial responsibility to protect such personal information and TOYO protects such personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. TOYO respects personalities of each individual and conforms to the Privacy Law of Japan and other applicable laws and regulations.
  2. TOYO makes clear of its in-house rules and its company structures in relation to Privacy Policy. TOYO familiarizes employees with such rules in order to make the rules effective.
  3. TOYO will clarify its purpose of use when collecting personal information and notifies or publicize such purpose. TOYO uses personal information within the scope of such purpose of use.
  4. TOYO takes necessary measures to appropriately manage personal information in order to protect from disclosure, loss, alteration and other inappropriate use.
  5. TOYO accepts and faithfully responds to requests of customers at first hand to disclose, amend, delete and/or discontinue the use of the customers' personal information owned or controlled by TOYO.

(Established in July 1, 2002, Revised in April 1, 2011)