Policy on Human Rights

Toyo Ink Group Policy on Human Rights

The Toyo Ink Group's corporate philosophy is people-oriented management and it conducts business activities with a focus on respect for human rights. In accordance with our corporate policy of being a company that contributes to the enrichment of life and culture throughout the world, we will work to improve the brilliance and richness of life for people around the world. We will also strive to conserve the global environment and to solve social problems as we continue to be dedicated to the realization of a sustainable society.
We acknowledge that our business activities may directly or indirectly impact human rights and we have formulated the Toyo Ink Group Policy on Human Rights (hereinafter this "Policy") for respecting the human rights of all people affected.

  1. Positioning
    The Toyo Ink Group has established this Policy in accordance with the international norms concerning the protection of human rights mentioned below to carry out activities for respecting human rights.
    ・ The International Bill of Human Rights The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
    ・ The ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
    ・ The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
    ・ The Children's Rights and Business Principles
  2. Scope of application
    This Policy applies to all personnel working for the Toyo Ink Group, including officers, employees and fixed-term contract employees. The Toyo Ink Group will ask all of its suppliers constituting its supply chain to understand and observe this Policy.
  3. Observance of laws and international norms
    The Toyo Ink Group will comply with laws and regulations in countries and regions where it conducts business activities. In cases where these laws and regulations are insufficient in light of the international norms for the protection of human rights, the Toyo Ink Group will seek methods of respecting the international norms to the maximum extent possible.
  4. Initiatives to ensure respect for human rights
    The Toyo Ink Group will respect the human rights of all people affected by its business activities and implement corrective and remedial measures if the Group negatively impacts human rights in any way. In addition, the Toyo Group will make efforts through its day-to-day business activities to prevent itself from becoming involved in any infringement of human rights or activities that negatively impact human rights.
  5. Human rights due diligence
    For the purpose of implementing activities to ensure respect for human rights, the Toyo Ink Group will construct a system of human rights due diligence and identify any negative impact its business activities may have on human rights to prevent or mitigate them.
  6. Information disclosure
    The Toyo Ink Group will disclose its activities for respecting human rights and the results of these activities on its website and by other means.
  7. Dialogue and discussion
    The Toyo Ink Group will identify stakeholders that have been or possibly may be negatively impacted by its business activities in relation to human rights and engage in dialogue and consult with them on a timely basis.
  8. Education and training
    The Toyo Ink Group will provide appropriate education and training to ensure that this Policy will be incorporated into and effectively implemented in all of its business activities.
  9. Corrective and remedial measures
    When the Toyo Ink Group's business activities are directly or indirectly involved in the infringement of human rights or negatively impact human rights, the Group will swiftly endeavor to correct them through dialogue and appropriate procedures.

(Determined at the meeting of the Board of Directors of Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. on March 10, 2023)

Human Rights Challenges

The Toyo Ink Group will address the human rights challenges specified below in order to fulfill its responsibility to respect human rights.

  • The Toyo Ink Group will not permit child labor, human trafficking, forced labor, other slave-like treatment, inhumane treatment or unfair labor practices.
  • The Toyo Ink Group will respect human rights and the diversity of individuals and eliminate any kind of discrimination or harassment based on skin color, place of birth, nationality, ethnicity, gender, social status, age, religion, creed, ideology, political affiliation, education, disability status, marital status, participation in any labor union, sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • The Toyo Ink Group will observe laws and regulations in countries and regions where it conducts business activities and respect freedom of association, collective bargaining rights and privacy protections.
  • The Toyo Ink Group will create a workplace environment that considers safety and health, implement management to ensure appropriate wages and working hours, and provide an environment that enables workers to have job satisfaction and to be fulfilled.
  • The Toyo Ink Group will consider resources protection and environmental conservation and implement responsible procurement to avoid any involvement in any infringement of human rights in association with mining or trading in any conflict region or any high-risk region.

Policy on Respect for Fundamental Human Rights from “Toyo Ink Group Code of Business Ethics”

  1. Prohibition against discrimination against employees on unreasonable grounds
    We must respect the fundamental human rights of each individual employee of TIG and not permit any discrimination against TIG employees because of race, religion, sex, nationality, physical handicap, age or any other unreasonable grounds whatsoever which have no bearing on TIG's business operations.
  2. Prohibition against sexual harassment and abuse of power
    We are prohibited from making any uninvited and unwanted sexual remarks or conduct (so-called sexual harassment) or abusing our position or authority to put continuous pressure on any subordinate (so-called abuse of power) in the workplace and thereby imposing disadvantageous work conditions or adversely affecting the work environment of a person subjected to the sexual harassment or abuse of power.
  3. Respecting privacy of every TIG employee
    We will respect the privacy of each and every TIG employee and properly manage their personal data and information.
  4. Prohibition against use of child labor and forced labor
    We are prohibited from using child labor that is dangerous and harmful to children and forced inhumane labor.

(Quoted from “Toyo Ink Group Code of Business Ethics”)

Policy on Diversity and Human Rights from “Toyo Ink Group Human Resources Policy”

Regardless of race, skin color, place of birth, nationality, sex, social position, age, religion, creed, thought, political affiliation, education, disability, marital status, union membership, sexual orientation, or gender identity, we promise the following in order to offer new life value to people around the world so that they can enjoy rich, fulfilling lives together.

  • To respect human rights
    In support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we take action to positively promote enlightenment about human rights and to remove all harassment. In addition, in deference to personal privacy, we manage personnel information carefully and strictly.
  • To observe the labor laws of each country
    Prejudiced reasons that are not directly related to work will not to be used as grounds to hire employees and neither will we discharge any employee for prejudiced reasons. In addition, we will never allow forced labor or child labor.
  • To respect the diversity of human talent
    We create organizations in which each employee feels it is worthwhile to work, where a variety of talented people can work without being discriminated against and where workers will go beyond their past successes and existing methods. In addition, we will operate in deference to each country's local culture and sense of values.

(Quoted from “Toyo Ink Group Human Resources Policy”)