Basic Policy on Health and Productivity Management

In 2009, the Toyo Ink Group formulated a five-year health plan and the “Basic Policy on Health Management.” From the perspective of health and productivity management, the “Basic Policy on Health and Productivity Management” has evolved by strengthening the organizational structure and disseminating information both inside and outside the company. The Toyo Ink Group''s approach to employee health is based on “People-oriented management,” which is the corporate philosophy of the group's philosophy system.

Toyo Ink Group Basic Policy on Health and Productivity Management

Ensuring the good physical and mental health of our employees, who are important assets, is essential for the strong promotion of the Toyo Ink Group's sustainable growth. We must build a system and a workplace environment that enables each employee to fully exercise their abilities. For this, we will implement measures and improve health awareness at each level of management, in every workplace, and of every individual employee, to realize adequate health and productivity management of the overall Group. In addition, we will promote and expand the Medical Healthcare business, one of the Group's core businesses, to contribute to people's healthy lifestyles.

(Established 2009, Revised October 2019)

Toyo Ink Group Health and Productivity Management Declaration

  1. We will work to improve the quality of internal communication and build an environment that enables employees to work in good health, as a part of our health and productivity management practices.
  2. We will take the initiative in the promotion of good health and disease prevention with the awareness that good health is essential for us to exercise our full potential.
  3. As a member of local community, we will proactively participate in activities for improving our physical and mental health including the involvement of our families and strive to expand these activities.
  4. As a contributor to the enrichment of life and culture, we will contribute to sound lifestyles in society through the Medical Healthcare business.

(Established 2009, Revised October 2019)