Environmental & Safety Basic Principles / Action Policies

We have remained consistently committed to organizational initiatives aimed at improving standards of health and safety and reducing our environmental footprint since the establishment of the Toyo Ink Group Environment Improvement Center in 1973.
Having established a set of groupwide environmental and safety regulations in 1990, we went on to formulate an Environmental Charter (currently Principles) and a set of Action Policies, to act as a basic environmental management policy in accordance with our Group philosophy system in June 1996. Our goal was to map out a clear vision encompassing every aspect of the Group.

Toyo Ink Group Environmental & Safety Basic Principles

Since its establishment, the Toyo Ink Group has strived to enrich people's daily lives through the development of color. In carrying out its business activities, the Toyo Ink Group has always committed itself to ensuring safe and sound operations with its reliable products and services, protecting health and safety, preserving the global environment, conserving energy and natural resources, and maintaining harmony with local communities, as well as strictly complying with national and international regulations.
In the future, based on the international principle of sustainable development, the Toyo Ink Group will endeavor to continually improve its operations with respect for the Toyo Ink Group CSR Charter and the perspective of every stakeholder, and to make further efforts to fulfill its social responsibilities.

(Established in June 1996, Revised in May 2005)

Toyo Ink Group Environmental & Safety Action Policies

  • As a member of society, each employee of the Toyo Ink Group will contribute to society with a clear awareness of environmental issues.
  • The Toyo Ink Group will develop and provide products while taking into consideration their effect on people's health and the environment.
  • The Toyo Ink Group will make strenuous efforts to ensure the safety and security of its operations and to reduce its environmental impact by conserving resources and energy in production activities.
  • The Toyo Ink Group will actively provide information about its products, the environment, and safety, and strive to fully communicate with all customers, local communities, and citizens seeking to improve their environment, safety, and health.
  • The Toyo Ink Group will strictly adhere to laws and regulations and cooperate with administrative policies while promoting harmonious, international efforts to address global environmental issues.

(Established in June 1996, Revised in May 2005)