CSR Charter & Action Guidelines

Toyo Ink Group CSR Charter

Since its establishment, the Toyo Ink Group has sought to create new lifestyles that help together with customers, employees, and everyone who supports society through our products and services as a manufacturing company. We have always given top priority to gaining trust and confidence.
We now feel the need to rediscover our identity as a corporate group built around chemical manufacturing that exerts a very significant impact on society. Based on this understanding, we strive to establish and sustain good relationships with all stakeholders more than ever before. We believe that producing, enhancing, and providing our tangible and intangible value by analyzing and evaluating our business activities once again and practicing well-balanced management from the perspectives of people, society, the economy and the environment is an important task in fulfilling our social responsibilities.
The Toyo Ink Group will continue further to engage in free and fair business activities and will strive for management that will pave the way for sustainable growth into the future.

(Established in April, 2005, Revised in January, 2018)

Toyo Ink Group CSR Action Guidelines

Providing value through products and services

We will endeavor to provide the utmost confidence and satisfaction to customers and other consumers by creating new value in the market, improving the quality of life, and providing products and services that contribute to the development of culture and help improve the global environment.

Sincerity in business activities

We will endeavor to conduct business activities sincerely, fairly, and appropriately at every stage, from the procurement of raw materials to the sales of products. We will make healthy profits through our business activities and return these profits to our shareholders and other stakeholders.

Active communication and disclosure of information

We will promote wide-ranging communication with society and disclose management information actively and honestly.

Social action program

In order to encourage lifestyles with social value, as a good corporate citizen striving for harmonious coexistence with the community, we will contribute to society through our primary business activities and also implement a program of social action.

Global environmental protection

We will make efforts at every stage of our business activities to reduce environmental burdens. We will address global environmental problems as our major challenge and actively work for global environmental protection.

Creating a comfortable and self-realizing working environment

We will respect each employee's character and identity and create a safe and rewarding working environment so that each employee can exercise his or her abilities and initiative. We will create labor environments, whether in Japan or overseas, that are free from discrimination, and we will never permit child labor, forced labor, or any other activity that violates human rights.

Ensuring compliance

We will ensure compliance with laws and regulations in Japan and overseas as well as with international treaties and regional social norms, and we will make rational, conscientious, and ethical decisions and act accordingly.

Ideal corporate governance

We will establish a group management system that can manage risks appropriately and respond actively and flexibly to changes in the business environment. We will strive to establish a management system that enables us to achieve our ideal—to be viewed by society as a good and desirable company.

(Established in April, 2005)