Basic Policy on Biodiversity

Recognizing the importance of biodiversity, the Toyo Ink Group has expressed its commitment to natural conservation initiatives, such as efforts to preserve biodiversity, within the Toyo Ink Group Business Conduct Guidelines. We have conducted several voluntary activities in line with these guidelines, including local afforestation, the release of young fish, the creation of a biogarden, and river cleaning.
In fiscal 2009, we reviewed and combined the basic concepts and initiatives to establish the Toyo Ink Group Basic Policy on Biodiversity.

The Toyo Ink Group Basic Policy on Biodiversity

The Toyo Ink Group is committed to actively promoting activities aimed at preserving biodiversity and guarding it against the potential impact of the Group's business activities.

  1. The Toyo Ink Group will always take biodiversity into consideration when procuring raw materials, and will make every effort to use biological resources in a sustainable manner.
  2. The Toyo Ink Group will actively promote product development, aiming to eliminate chemicals that could potentially affect biodiversity, in particular environmental hormones (endocrine disrupting chemicals), and expand the range of environmental hormone-free products.
  3. The Toyo Ink Group will actively promote local initiatives aimed at maintaining and preserving water quality.
  4. The Toyo Ink Group will actively promote efforts to reduce volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and engage in activities aimed at minimizing the impact of its own activities and those of its customers on biodiversity.
  5. The Toyo Ink Group will implement and support locally-based biodiversity preservation activities in the areas around its plants in Japan and overseas, working in cooperation with local authorities and related organizations.
  6. The Toyo Ink Group will promote educational activities aimed at raising awareness of biodiversity.

(Adopted in May 2009)