Materiality, Ideal State, and Actions

The Toyo Ink Group defined its material issues through dialogue with stakeholders. In FY2018, we linked our sustainability activities to our medium-term management plan, and have since carried out activities with a focus on material issues.

Materiality and Ideal state Boundary Actions and Future Visions
Material Issue 1
Provide Value that Exceeds Customer Expectations and Contribute to Society
We provide value that contributes to innovations and the solution of issues in society, through creative products and services that exceed customers' expectations.
Through these activities, we win the trust of a wide range of stakeholders and contribute to developing a sustainable society.
Customers and Society Create the enrichment of life and culture based on the three strategic orientations of Life, Communication and Sustainability We will work on innovative solutions to issues affecting society and everyday people by developing our business in 11 domains.
Build the customer trust through safe products and services While working on the unconditional premise of providing safe products, we will build customer trust through communication.
Assure highest quality We will maintain a high level of customer satisfaction through all customer touch points, including our products, services and communication, and others.
Achieve a high level of customer satisfaction While considering customer needs, we will appeal to our customers by achieving unparalleled quality compared with our competitors.
Material Issue 2
Co-exist in Harmony with the Environment through Innovative Technologies
With innovative environmental technologies, we have become a leading company in society in the aspects of both products and services.
In addition, we contribute greatly to harmonizing society with the environment and improving the sustainability of society through initiatives we take in the overall business, from the upstream to the downstream.
Environment Development and dissemination of innovative technologies, products, and services that reduce environmental impact We will promote the development of innovative technologies, products, and services that can harmonize with the environment over the long term and that go beyond low environmental impact and disseminate them widely to society through sales.
Efforts to solve and respond to the problem of climate change Going beyond taking climate change measures as a single company, we will take measures broadly across the value chain through collaboration with our business partners and contribute to the sustainability of society.
Appropriate management of chemical substances Based on the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations, we will properly manage chemical substances at voluntary levels beyond such legislation and promote the minimization of pollution.
Steady promotion of environmental management We will steadily promote environmental management, which is the basis of all kinds of environmental measures, with aims to raise environmental awareness both inside and outside the company.
Material Issue 3
Co-exist and Co-prosper with the Supply Chain and Fulfill the Trust of Stakeholders
We have built a firm relationship of trust with the supply chain toward co-existence and co-prosperity, by respecting the supply chain on an equal footing and stimulating each other.
Based on this relationship, we continue to take on further challenges through mutual cooperation with the supply chain.
Supply chain Co-existence and co-prosperity in the supply chain through collaboration We aim to have suppliers in our supply chain act as collaborators toward the realization of our philosophy of co-existence and co-prosperity by uplifting each other.
Respect for the human rights of all stakeholders We work to ensure that people's human rights are not lost because of a failure to notice; we do this by respecting and considering the standpoints of everyone involved in our business.
Material Issue 4
Value Employees and Pursue Their Happiness and Job Satisfaction
We have established a corporate climate where the personality of each employee and their diversity are respected and employees pursue job satisfaction and self-actualization.
In addition, our open, family-like workplace environment serves as the base for creating innovations at home and abroad.
Employees Promote thorough implementation of worker health and safety, and health management, which are closely linked to employee satisfaction We will eliminate workplace accidents and illnesses and raise employee satisfaction by promoting a comfortable workplace environment and corporate climate.
Foster diversity to invigorate the organization We will respect the diverse aspects of various employees, not only accepting those aspects but also creating relationships and workplaces in which they can be used to maximize organizational capabilities.
Cultivate human resources that have global perspectives and abilities While encouraging employee autonomy, we will carry out appropriate training and nurture talented people who can rise to the challenge of building a global business from the viewpoint of organizational capability enhancement.
Material Issue 5
Build a Solid Base that Underpins Trust
We have established a solid base that underpins the trust of stakeholders through compliance, communications, and other practices.
In addition, this base serves as the secure foundation for the Group to survive until the 200th anniversary while maintaining its traditions.
(All stakeholders indirectly) Ensure compliance We strive to ensure that all employees possess the compliance awareness that is a precondition for effective corporate activities, and that we carry out our business operations in an open and above-board manner in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and in accordance with the provisions of the Toyo Ink Group Code of Business Ethics.
Eliminate corruption While ensuring that all employees perform their work in an open and above-board manner, we are also determined to eliminate corruption, which can have a terrible impact on business activities.
Promote effective risk management and disaster preparedness By implementing carefully-considered, precise risk management, and by ensuring disaster preparedness to maintain business continuity and corporate value, we are supporting the Toyo Ink Group's operations.
Implement timely, appropriate and proactive information disclosure, and strengthen stakeholder communication Besides implementing timely, appropriate and proactive information disclosure, we aim to communicate with stakeholders — in whatever circumstances — in a humble, positive manner, thereby helping to enhance corporate value.
Contribute local community development through our business activities By using our own operational resources to give something back to local communities in the course of our business operations, we are able to realize the twin objectives of furthering our own corporate development and contributing to the development of the local community.
Contribute the resolution of problems affecting local communities By paying attention to the local communities that play such an important part in our business operations, and by also working to tackle the problems affecting local communities outside of our business activities, we are contributing towards the solving of these problems.