Material Issue 5:Build a Solid Base that Underpins Trust

Basic Approach and Policy

New risks are materializing one after another, including the increasing severity of meteorological disasters and the global spread of infectious diseases, and it is important to adapt to changes in the Group’s business environment and diversifying risks to prevent or minimize the loss of management resources. Considering this, we will strengthen our risk management, such as by developing BCM, which supports our stable supply of products, enhancing our ability to detect risks and improving overseas compliance systems, to increase corporate value. We will ensure management transparency and build and develop an appropriate governance system.

Objectives and Targets of SDGs that are Relevant to the Actions on the Material Issue

Actions Objectives and Targets of Relevant SDGs
Ensure compliance

10.3 We will promote measures to ensure compliance and act appropriately by observing laws and regulations.

16.5 We will not be involved in corruption or bribery in any country.

Eliminate corruption
Promote effective risk management and disaster preparedness
Implement timely, appropriate and proactive information disclosure, and strengthen stakeholder communication
Contribute to local community development through our business activities
Contribute to the resolution of problems affecting local communities

Promotion System

The Toyo Ink Group strives to achieve appropriate corporate governance in accordance with the “Basic Corporate Governance Policies,” in order to enhance the corporate value of the Group as a whole through the enhancement of the Group’s strategic functions, speedy management, and a balance between Groupwide optimization and the optimization of individual businesses.
By adopting an Audit and Supervisory Committee system, we have enabled Committee members to exercise their voting rights at meetings of the Board of Directors, thereby increasing the level of fairness and transparency of management and strengthening oversight of the Board of Directors. By adopting an operating officer system (one-year term), we have clarified the division of roles between management supervisory and executive functions and are speeding up decision making and enhancing supervisory functions with regard to execution of business.
Additionally, Toyocolor Co., Ltd., Toyochem Co., Ltd., and Toyo Ink Co., Ltd., the core operating companies of the group, each have an Operating Company Management Committee that regularly meets to share management policies and strategies, and discuss issues and achievements regarding the execution of business. Directors of the holding company attend these meeting.

Corporate governance system (FY2022)
Figure: General Shareholders’ Meeting / Holding company / Board of Directors / 5 inside and 6 outside directors (including 2 women) / Audit and Supervisory Committee / 1 inside and 3 outside directors (including 1 woman) / Accounting Auditors / Representative Directors / Group Management Committee *As a result of changes to the Company’s executive structure in March 2022, the Group Management Executive Committee changed its name to the Group Management Committee / Operating Officers / 24 persons (including 0 women) / Internal Audit Department / Sustainability Committee / ESG Promotion Committee / Compliance Committee / Risk Management Committee / Compliance Office (Internal / External Hotline) / Outside Counsel / Advisory Committee on Appointment and Remuneration / Group Companies / Outside Counsel / appointment / dismissal / proposals / reporting / comments / finding / advice / inquiring / selection / supervision / audit / cooperation / instructions / control / management
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