Material Issue 4:Value Employees and Pursue Their Happiness and Job Satisfaction

Basic Approach and Policy

The employment and work environment is rapidly changing, including the falling birthrate and the aging population, which has resulted in a declining workforce, the increase in the number of double- income households and employees with family members requiring nursing care, and stricter labor laws. Additionally, we, as a global company, need to consider the differences in employment practices and labor laws of different countries and regions. We will strengthen efforts to address important issues in Japan, such as the promotion of the active participation of women, childcare support, and health and productivity management, and important issue overseas, cultivating and retaining next-generation leaders, and we will create an environment where all employees have job satisfaction and enjoy working.

Objectives and Targets of SDGs that are Relevant to the Actions on the Material Issue

Actions Objectives and Targets of Relevant SDGs
Promote thorough implementation of worker health and safety, and health management, which are closely linked to employee satisfaction

4.4 We will increase the number of employees with technological and vocational skills by establishing plants in emerging countries to create employment, providing support for production, and cultivating human resources proactively at each base.

5.1 We will promote women's participation and advancement by providing training, including modules aimed at increasing the rate of hiring of female graduates and modules for promoting career awareness among female employees.

5.5 We will increase the number of female officers and managers to promote women's participation in decision-making.

5.b We will install toilets for women in the workplace, introduce hand cranes, and take other measures to reduce the burden on female employees at our production sites.

8.5 We will employ more people with disabilities and build an environment that enables their active participation.

8.6 We will expand employment training opportunities in Japan and other countries through the Toyo Ink Academy.

8.7 We will ensure that we prohibit forced labor and child labor at all sites, including overseas sites.

8.8 We will promote a safe, secure work environment by encouraging activities for worker safety, operations security, and the prevention of workplace injuries in a Group-wide manner.

Foster diversity to invigorate the organization
Cultivate human resources that have global perspectives and abilities

Promotion System

The use and cultivation of human resources, the promotion of health and productivity management, and work style reform in Japan are carried out under the initiative of the Human Resources Department of Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. At the Toyo Ink Academy, established in 2007, various training programs and self-development activities are conducted. In addition, we have disseminated the Toyo Ink Group Human Resources Policy to our overseas affiliates to establish a personnel management system for the overall Group and unify the direction of all Group companies.
Activities for safety and the prevention of workplace injuries are carried out by the Quality Assurance & Safety Section, Production-Logistics Division through collaborations with the safety department of each business location.

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