Material Issue 1Provide Value that Exceeds Customer Expectations and Contribute to Society

Basic Approach and Policy

Today, business corporations are required to solve social issues and improve their corporate value by creating new value for customers and society through business, in addition to continuing with their existing way of doing business.
The Toyo Ink Group has set the three keywords of Life, Communication and Sustainability as its direction for contributing to the enrichment of life and culture into the future in order to contribute to solving social issues through business development in 11 domains. We will also deepen, broaden, and enhance our technology platform, which will enable us to expand our business to a broader range of domains.
Further, we will ensure the provision of product information and quality management, and provide safety and reassurance to customers through various communication activities.

Domains where the Toyo Ink Group develops its businesses in SIC27
Figure: Domains / Communication / For Richness in Mind / Imaging / Display materials, print information, imaging sensors, projection peripherals, etc. / Internet of Things (IoT) / Sensor devices, information systems business, etc. / Electronics / Conductive and insulating materials, flexible electronics materials, etc. / Life / For Health Living / Packaging / Food/pharmaceutical packaging, functional materials, recycling systems, etc. / Medical & Healthcare / Prepared drugs, materials for medical devices, sanitary materials, etc. / Living Spaces / Building interior materials, sensor peripheral materials, sensing systems, etc. / Mobility / Automobiles, aerospace materials, automatic driving-related products, etc. / Agriculture / Agricultural plastics and other materials used in the cultivation, harvesting and processing of agricultural products, agrosystems, etc. / Sustainability / For Sustainable Society / Energy / Energy harvesting, microbial power generation, battery-related materials, etc. / Natural Maerials / Cultivation, processing, extraction and effective use of natural products, etc. / Environmental Infrastructure / Restoration, repair materials, cleaning agents and systems, etc. / Domains emphasized in SIC-I / Business Segments / Colorants and Functional Materials-related Business / Polymers and Coatings-related Business / Packaging Materials-related Business / Printing and Information-related Business / Technology Platforms / Speciality Materials / Material Processing / Component Converting / New Fields of Science / Application Technology / Analysis and Processes / Framework for building and newly acquiring under SIC27

We have defined the technology platforms that will serve as the foundation for our business development in the 11 domains as a “framework of technological infrastructure to actively strengthen and acquire necessary technologies.” As for the Long-term corporate vision SIC27, we will acquire and build the following frameworks.

  • New Fields of Science:A framework for acquiring new fields of science such as, biology, agriculture and data science, in addition to the chemical field.
  • Application Technology:A framework for building technologies in the software field such as programming and systems design that are needed for our newly developed business models.
  • Analysis and Processes:A technical framework for reflecting evidence-based information accurately in developing and proposals to customers.

Objectives and Targets of SDGs that are Relevant to the Actions on the Material Issue

Actions Toyo Ink Group's initiatives on targets of relevant SDGs
Create the enrichment of life and culture based on the three strategic orientations of Life, Communication and Sustainability

3.4 We will promote the good health and welfare of consumers through the prevention and treatment of diseases with transdermal patches, along with the new medical and healthcare business. (Life)

7.2 We will contribute to the expansion of renewable energy by developing and selling components that help improve the performance of solar cells. (Sustainability)

7.3 We will contribute to reducing consumption of oil resources and improving energy efficiency by developing and selling components for lithium ion batteries and other secondary batteries. (Sustainability)

9.4 We will improve sustainability by expanding environmentally friendly technologies and suggesting solutions. (Sustainability)

9.5 We will take on challenges to create innovative products, services, and new businesses that will contribute to improving the quality of life (QOL) of consumers. (Life)

12.3 We will reduce food loss in the supply chain by providing a range of packaging materials. (Life)

12.4 We will implement chemical substance control throughout the life cycle of products to ensure comprehensive quality control, thereby minimizing the impact on consumers' health and the environment.

Build customer trust through safe products and services
Assure highest quality
Achieve a high level of customer satisfaction
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