Material Issue 1Provide Value that Exceeds Customer Expectations and Contribute to Society

Basic Approach and Policy

With globalization and the evolution of technology proceeding at an unprecedented pace, our lives, industries, and businesses are also changing at an unimaginable speed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to the development of IoT, big data, AI and other technologies. To “Provide Value that Exceeds Customer Expectations and Contribute to Society” in this new era, it is important to understand the social issues faced by consumers and society, including the issues related to the SDGs, and to continue to propose effective solutions to the issues.
We believe that, to propose these solutions, it is essential to pursue the possibilities of the unique technologies we have cultivated to date, expand our technological base, and acquire technologies in new areas, to enable our products and services to evolve into new ones which help solve social issues.
The Toyo Ink Group will contribute to solving social issues, including the issues related to the SDGs, through its businesses with a focus on the priority areas of development established in the SIC-II medium-term management plan that began in 2021. In addition, we will provide safety and security to customers by ensuring that product information is provided and that product quality is thoroughly controlled and through an array of communication activities.

Priority areas of development focused on during SIC-II
Figure: Priority areas of development focused on during SIC-II / SUST / Sustainability Science / For creating a sustainable society / Biomass inks, recycling system for plastic containers and packaging, materials for lithium ion batteries, etc.
Figure: Priority areas of development focused on during SIC-II / COMM / Communication Science / Contribute to a 5G and IoT society with key materials and solutions / Non-optical behavior detection system, high-frequency EMI shielding materials, low dielectric materials, etc.
Figure: Priority areas of development focused on during SIC-II / LIFE / Life Science / Enrich people’s lives and improve their health / Transdermal patches, adhesives for medical tapes, inkjet inks, etc.

Objectives and Targets of SDGs that are Relevant to the Actions on the Material Issue

Actions Toyo Ink Group's initiatives on targets of relevant SDGs
Create the enrichment of life and culture based on the three strategic orientations of Life, Communication and Sustainability

3.4 We will promote the good health and welfare of consumers through the prevention and treatment of diseases with transdermal patches, along with the new medical and healthcare business.

7.2 We will contribute to the expansion of renewable energy by developing and selling components that help improve the performance of solar cells.

7.3 We will contribute to reducing consumption of oil resources and improving energy efficiency by developing and selling components for lithium ion batteries and other secondary batteries.

9.4 We will improve sustainability by expanding environmentally friendly technologies and suggesting solutions.

9.5 We will take on challenges to create innovative products, services, and new businesses that will contribute to improving the quality of life (QOL) of consumers.

12.3 We will reduce food loss in the supply chain by providing a range of packaging materials.

12.4 We will implement chemical substance control throughout the life cycle of products to ensure comprehensive quality control, thereby minimizing the impact on consumers' health and the environment.

Build customer trust through safe products and services
Assure highest quality
Achieve a high level of customer satisfaction
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