Extension of Mandatory Retirement Age

In October 2014, the Toyo Ink Group shifted from a mandatory retirement system with 60 years as the retirement age to one with 63 years as the retirement age. This extension of the mandatory retirement age from 60 to 63 years was the preparatory step for the introduction of a system with 65 years as the retirement age in the future.
This system allows us to further leverage the highly specialized skills and experience of seniors and at the same time meet the needs of employees for continued employment that arise from the increase in the starting age for pension benefits and so on.

Employees who are 61 years of age are positioned as Senior Permanent Employees until they reach 63 years of age, and are expected to achieve their best performance as “sources of advantages in strategic areas,”
“professional and experienced veteran employees,” and “providers of skills and expertise.”
Senior Permanent Employees are not treated uniformly but are subject to a system under which they may be promoted depending on how vital their roles are and their working styles. We provide Career Vision Training for Senior Permanent Employees to employees once they reach 60 years of age. This training allows them to plan how they will contribute to the company in the future and design a future career path for the completion of their professional lives.