CSR Promotion System

In April 2005, the Toyo Ink Group established the CSR Charter and CSR Action Guidelines, which embody its Corporate Policy and Guiding Principles from the viewpoint of CSR, to clearly define existing social activities of Group companies as Group-wide CSR activities. At the same time, the Group organized the CSR Committee (currently the CSR Generalization Committee) under the direct control of the management as a system for promoting and supporting Group companies' CSR initiatives in a Group-wide manner.
The Compliance Committee, Risk Management Committee and Environment and Safety Committee, which are under the CSR Generalization Committee, and the CSR Promotion Coordination Meeting, which consists mainly of administrative departments of Group companies in Japan, play a leading role in promoting activities in line with the material issues on CSR. The above three committees under the CSR Generalization Committee support CSR activities of the overall Toyo Ink Group, including overseas Group companies, from their respective points of view, in an effort to promote CSR activities globally.
Each September, the CSR Conference is held as a Group-wide meeting, where progress on the Group's CSR activities is reported and policies on CSR activities are shared.

CSR Promotion System (fiscal 2020)
Figure: Representative Director / Group COO / Group-wide Meeting (CSR Conference) / Reporting the progress made in CSR activities, and sharing activity strategies (including material issues and KPIs) / CSR Generalization Committee / Formulating plans based on the CSR Action Policies and material issues (reporting them to management) / Promoting, evaluating, and following up CSR activities / Chairman of the CSR Generalization Committee / Operating Officer in Charge of CSR / CSR Promotion Group, General Affairs Department / Dedicated CSR unit (secretariat) / Planning and promotion of Group-wide CSR activities, and dissemination of related information both within and outside the Group / CSR Promotion Coordination Meeting / Confirming the implementation of CSR activities within the Group as a whole, and verifying the status of major risk items / Revising CSR Action Policies (including material issues and KPIs), and evaluating new KPIs / Compliance Committee / Promoting compliance with laws related to management and establishing corporate ethics / Risk Management Committee / Preventing occurrence of risks and promoting measures for alleviating damages from risks / Environment and Safety Committee / Promotion of Group-wide environment and safety management system