Sustainability Management

Basic approach

The Toyo Ink Group’s philosophical system is a fundamental part of its management. At the top of the system is the Corporate Philosophy, which is followed by the Corporate Policy and the Guiding Principles. They serve as the norms for the corporate activities practiced by each employee. The Toyo Ink Group refers to its Corporate Philosophy and CSR Charter and Action Guidelines as standards for its stance and actions, with the goals of resolving social issues and creating a sustainable society through its business operations.
In January 2022, we formulated the Sustainability Vision “TSV2050/2030,” to respond flexibly to social changes and drive our corporate activities from a medium to long-term perspective.
We will continue to promote sustainable management by implementing management strategies under the SIC-II medium-term management plan and steadily executing measures to address material issues, and the goals of TSV2050/2030 that lie beyond.

Sustainability Vision “TSV2050/2030”

1. Providing products and services that realize a sustainable society
2. Reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing
3. Building a foundation for trust

Promotion system

To enhance Group-wide sustainability activities, in January 2022 we renamed and reorganized the CSR Generalization Committee into the Sustainability Committee, and established the ESG Promotion Committee under it. The Sustainability Committee is supervised by the Board of Directors via the President and Representative Director, Group CEO. Chaired by the Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer, the committee formulates plans, implements, evaluates, and follows up on all Group-wide sustainability-related activities and reports to the management team via the Group Management Committee, etc. The missions of the ESG Promotion Committee include driving sustainability activities based on TSV2050/2030, addressing the issue of climate change, and disclosing information based on the TCFD recommendations. The committee’s secretariat consists of the Corporate Communication Department and Corporate Planning Division of Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.
The three subcommittees of the Sustainability Committee—the ESG Promotion Committee, the Compliance Committee and the Risk Management Committee—and the administrative departments of each domestic Group company play a central role in supporting the sustainability activities of the entire Toyo Ink Group, including overseas, from their various perspectives, and are working to drive activities on a global scale.
In FY2021, we held the CSR Conference, a Groupwide meeting, in September to report on the progress of the Group’s activities and share our activity policies.

Sustainability promotion system (FY2022)
Figure: Board of Directors / Supervision / Reporting and proposals / President and Representative Director, Group CEO / Group Management Committee / Supervision / Reporting / Sustainability Committee / Chairman: Chief Sustainabilihy Officer / Secretariat: Corporate Communication Department, Production-Logistics Division / Formulating plans, promoting, evaluating and following up the Group-wide sustainability actions (reporting them to management) / Holding Sustainability Conference (Group-wide meeting) and sharing policies and reports on sustainability activities / ESG Promotion Committee / Secretariat: Corporate Communication Department, Corporate Planning Division / Advancing Group-wide sustainability activities based on TSV2050/2030 / Practical tasks and promotional activities related to climate change / Providing information both internally and externally, including information disclosure based on the TCFD recommendations / Compliance Committee / Secretariat: Legal Department / Promoting compliance with laws related to management and establishing corporate ethics / Planning and advancing compliance activities and providing information internally and externally / Risk Management Committee / Secretariat: General Affairs Department / Advancing risk management for the entire Group / Preventing occurrence of risks and promoting measures for alleviating damages from risks