Long-Term Corporate Vision "SIC27"

- Aiming to become a corporate group that helps tackle issues surrounding people, life, and the global environment -

The Toyo Ink Group has now adopted a new long-term corporate vision "SIC27," with 2027 as the goal. The vision summarizes the results of repeated discussions on numerous themes conducted over roughly two years, with input from employees worldwide at every level, from young employees to executives. Throughout the period from 2018 to 2027, the Toyo Ink Group will restructure itself, creating a stronger constitution that will enable sustainable growth over the coming 100 years. We will also aim to become a corporate group that helps to tackle issues surrounding people, life and the global environment through our business activities.

Figure: Roadmap of Long-Term Corporate Vision SIC27(1)
Figure: Roadmap of Long-Term Corporate Vision SIC27(2)

Concept for corporate activities: "Scientific Innovation Chain"

For the period of the long-term corporate vision SIC27, the Toyo Ink Group has adopted "Scientific Innovation Chain = SIC" as the concept for its corporate activities. This concept expresses the idea that all employees who undertake corporate activities will create individual innovations by coming up with innovative ideas and implementing them scientifically and these individual innovations will form a scientific innovation chain that will powerfully restructure the entire group. This concept for corporate activities is also used as the title of the long-term corporate vision.

Value provided: "For a Vibrant World"

Through its various corporate activities, the Toyo Ink Group's aim is to provide value by "realizing a world where all consumers, life and the global environment share vibrant lives." This value provided is expressed as "For a Vibrant World."

Medium-Term Management Plan "SIC-Ⅱ"

- A company that contributes to a new era through the enrichment of life and culture -

The Toyo Ink Group has drawn up a medium-term management plan based on its long-term corporate vision. Launched in January 2021, the medium-term management plan "SIC-Ⅱ" is the second stage of the long-term corporate vision SIC27 and covers the three years to December 2023. The Group will strive to be a company which continues to provide value that is truly necessary to meet the new needs of a society that is changing due to the effects of COVID-19, and has set out a vision of being "a company that contributes to a new era through the enrichment of life and culture".

Policy (1) "Strengthen the profitability of businesses"

The Group will seek to build a resilient business portfolio for the achievement of sustainable growth by strategically forming an array of profitable businesses and continuously reorganizing and reforming less profitable businesses. Besides further expanding profit-generating businesses through the rollout of eco-friendly inks and adhesives for the global packaging materials market and increased sales of parts and materials related to the 5G and IoT markets, the Group will seek to establish new profit drivers through measures such as promoting the development of medical adhesives and cultivating the lithium ion battery materials business. Meanwhile, in the ink and pigment business for the publications and commercial printing markets, which continue to undergo structural contraction, the Group will keep implementing structural reforms to increase business efficiency and further strengthen profitability.

Policy (2) "Create and expand priority development domains"

The Group has established three priority development domains: Sustainable Science, Communication Science, and Life Science, and will provide value that is truly necessary to meet the new needs of a society. In the sustainable science domain, the Group will roll out eco-friendly products and recycling systems and provide new materials and systems for the realization of a sustainable, green society. In the communication science domain, the Group aims to contribute to a 5G and IoT society through key materials and solutions which form the basis for devices such as sensor materials and conducting materials. In the life science domain, the Group will take on the challenge of creating products and solutions in the medical and next-generation printing fields which will help people live fuller, healthier lives. In addition, the Group will reconfigure its research and development capabilities and increase resource allocations to business areas for priority development, thereby applying and deploying its arsenal of technologies to meet new societal needs and accelerating business creation and expansion.

Policy (3) "Enhance the value of management resources for sustainable growth"

The Group will improve itself through the promotion of digital transformation (DX) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and endeavor to enhance the value of its management resources which are its corporate infrastructure.

SIC-Ⅱ Medium-Term Management Plan - Targets

  Numerical targets
Net sales 300.0 billion yen
Operating profit 22.0 billion yen
Operating margin 7% or more
ROE 7% or more