Long-Term Corporate Vision "SIC27"

- Aiming to become a corporate group that helps tackle issues surrounding people, life, and the global environment -

The Toyo Ink Group has now adopted a new long-term corporate vision "SIC27," with 2027 as the goal. The vision summarizes the results of repeated discussions on numerous themes conducted over roughly two years, with input from employees worldwide at every level, from young employees to executives. Throughout the period from 2018 to 2027, the Toyo Ink Group will restructure itself, creating a stronger constitution that will enable sustainable growth over the coming 100 years. We will also aim to become a corporate group that helps to tackle issues surrounding people, life and the global environment through our business activities.

Figure: Roadmap of Long-Term Corporate Vision SIC27(1)
Figure: Roadmap of Long-Term Corporate Vision SIC27(2)

Concept for corporate activities: "Scientific Innovation Chain"

For the period of the long-term corporate vision SIC27, the Toyo Ink Group has adopted "Scientific Innovation Chain = SIC" as the concept for its corporate activities. This concept expresses the idea that all employees who undertake corporate activities will create individual innovations by coming up with innovative ideas and implementing them scientifically and these individual innovations will form a scientific innovation chain that will powerfully restructure the entire group. This concept for corporate activities is also used as the title of the long-term corporate vision.

Value provided: "For a Vibrant World"

Through its various corporate activities, the Toyo Ink Group's aim is to provide value by "realizing a word where all consumers, life and the global environment share vibrant lives." This value provided is expressed as "For a Vibrant World."

Medium-Term Management Plan "SIC-I"

- Lay "foundations" for long-term corporate vision "SIC27" -

The Toyo Ink Group has drawn up a medium-term management plan based on its long-term corporate vision. Launched in January 2018, the medium-term management plan "SIC-I" is the first stage of the long-term corporate vision SIC27 and covers the three years to December 2020. SIC-I is positioned as the period during which the Group will lay the "foundations" for transforming into the corporate Group described in SIC27 and the basic policy is to implement measures in quick succession.

Measure (1) Transform existing businesses for growth and develop new businesses

We will promote cooperation and consolidation at overseas bases and enhance our product lineup, and we will increase our growth potential in the global market by branching out into diverse businesses. We will also create new value through the development of new materials combining core materials (pigments and resins) and core technologies (synthesis, dispersion and conversion (film formation)), and attempt to expand business in new markets and new areas and create and establish new businesses.

Measures (2) Promote manufacturing reform for sustainable improvement

We will further develop the manufacturing innovation initiatives implemented thus far (establishment of global manufacturing network and environmentally friendly manufacturing systems, development of global chemicals control and trade control framework, etc.), and we will focus on manufacturing innovations that will enable us to contribute to sustainable improvements surrounding people, life and the global environment while at the same time generating earnings as a corporate group.

Measure (3) Renovate the management foundation

We will promote initiatives to support the various business measures being implemented under SIC-I, including promoting the global integration of business systems, and recruit human resources and renovate personnel systems to support innovation. We will also promote CSR activities as an integral part of management and strengthen the management base to create innovations in quick succession.

Business domains under SIC27 and SIC-I

Under SIC27, the key fields shall be redefined as new domains to contribute to the solution of the issues of society and consumers such as the realization of healthy lives, spiritual happiness and a sustainable society. Through the creation of specific business in each domain, we aim to establish a strong business structure that responds flexibly to changes in the market.
Under SIC-I, we will focus on the six areas of packaging, medical care and healthcare, mobility, IoT, energy and natural materials, and while applying and expanding existing businesses, we will also attempt to develop new businesses.

Figure: Business domains under SIC27 and SIC-I (Life)
Figure: Business domains under SIC27 and SIC-I (Communication)
Figure: Business domains under SIC27 and SIC-I (Sustainability)