Message from the CEO

To achieve the ideal structure and long-term corporate vision of "Science Company Change 2017 (SCC2017)," the Toyo Ink Group has been executing its medium-term management plan, "SCC-III Evolution Plan," since fiscal year 2014. In the final year of the plan (fiscal year 2017, the 180th business year), the group has take steps to prepare for the start of a new long-term corporate vision for the next 10 years.

The global economy has recently been seen as generally favorable. The economic outlook, however, remains uncertain given concerns over the possibility of an economic downturn triggered by political, financial market, and geopolitical risks. On the other hand, despite the continuing challenging business environment in which the Toyo Ink Group operates, with rising prices of raw materials and other factors, we has begun to see an improvement in the profitability of the existing businesses in addition to the results generated by initiatives for new businesses with growth potential.

With the change of the start of a fiscal year from April to January, the Toyo Ink Group has adopted a new long-term corporate vision of "Scientific Innovation Chain 2027 (SIC27)." Through the period until 2027, the Toyo Ink Group will restructure itself, creating a stronger constitution that enables a sustainable growth over a 100-year period and helping to tackle issues surrounding people, life and the global environment through business activities offering values "For a Vibrant World."

Moreover, as the first phase of SIC27, the Toyo Ink Group positions the medium-term management plan "SIC-I" which began in fiscal year 2018 / the 181th business year as a period for creating the foundation for innovative change. The Group will continue to work as one on initiatives such as those for transforming existing businesses and developing new businesses for future growth, actively developing and deploying the human resources needed to support these changes and challenges, reforming manufacturing and renovating the organization and management foundation.

January, 2018
Katsumi Kitagawa President, Representative Director, Group CEO
Katsumi Kitagawa
President, Representative Director, Group CEO

Scientific Innovation Chain...A new concept for corporate activities of the Toyo Ink Group which keeps central the five cores of "technologies / products," "business models," "networks," "manufacturing" and "management foundation" in bringing innovative ideas, scientifically instituting them, and through the chain effects of the foregoing aiming to restructure itself into a stronger company that can achieve sustained growth.

For a Vibrant World...The value that we strive to offer, as a result of all corporate activities of the Toyo Ink Group, for the realization of a world in which people, life and the global environment vibrantly coexist.