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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TOYO INK Group (“TOYO”) collects and uses personal information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address in order to conduct our business smoothly.   TOYO acknowledges that it is our crucial responsibility to protect such personal information and TOYO protects such personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. 1. TOYO respects personalities of each individual and conforms to the Privacy Law of Japan and other applicable laws and regulations.
  2. 2. TOYO makes clear of its in-house rules and its company structures in relation to Privacy Policy.   TOYO familiarizes employees with such rules in order to make the rules effective.
  3. 3. TOYO will clarify its purpose of use when collecting personal information and notifies or publicize such purpose.   TOYO uses personal information within the scope of such purpose of use.
  4. 4. TOYO takes necessary measures to appropriately manage personal information in order to protect from disclosure, loss, alteration and other inappropriate use.
  5. 5. TOYO accepts and faithfully responds to requests of customers at first hand to disclose, amend, delete and/or discontinue the use of the customers' personal information owned or controlled by TOYO.
Established July 1st, 2002
Reviced April 1st, 2011
Katsumi Kitagawa

* TOYO may amend this Privacy Policy from to time in order to conform to the changes in laws and regulations or social changes.   TOYO shall publicize such amended Privacy Policy by media such TOYO's website.

General Rules Regarding Personal Information Based on the Privacy Policy

Effective Date: July 1st, 2002
Last Update: April 1st, 2011

1. Purpose of Use

Through meeting with our sales representatives, various events such as exhibitions and/or our website, TOYO may collect and/or receive personal information of customers such as name, e-mail address, telephone number and occupation, for the following purposes of use.   If TOYO were to use personal information for other purposes, TOYO will notify the other purposes by sending document or e-mail or publicize in the website pages.

  1. 1. To provide information to customers such as information of products and/or services of TOYO and/or partners and support information;
  2. 2. To reply to inquiries from customers;
  3. 3. To analyze opinionaire of customers and to reflect such opinions to our product development and various services;
  4. 4. To send products ordered by customers;
  5. 5. To send prizes to customers who won the prizes;
  6. 6. To install and/or provide maintenance service regarding machinery and equipments sold by TOYO; and
  7. 7. To confirm the way of payment and/or payment status of customers in the case customers are to make payment to TOYO for any product purchased etc.

2. Securities and Management of Personal Information

TOYO shall take reasonably necessary safety measures to protect personal information provided from customers from being lost, destroyed, unauthorized disclosure, leakage, alteration and unauthorized access.   TOYO shall take great care when handling the personal information. If any accident with regard to personal information occurs, TOYO shall promptly handle the problem.

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except for the following cases, TOYO shall not provide customers' personal information to any third parties.   Furthermore, if TOYO were to disclose personal information to third parties in accordance with the cases below, TOYO should oblige such third parties in contract not to disclose and supervise such third parties appropriately.

  1. 1. When TOYO has customer's approval;
  2. 2. When disclosing or providing statistics in a form so that individual cannot be identified or specified;
  3. 3. When subcontracting the processing of personal information in order to achieve the purpose of use;
  4. 4. When disclosing or providing personal information to TOYO's business partners in order to achieve the purpose of use;
  5. 5. When conforming customer's payment and/or payment status to related organizations in the case customers are to make payment to TOYO for any product purchased etc;
  6. 6. When requested by judicial and/or administrative institutions, enforcement organizations, bar associations, consumer information center, and/or other organizations based on laws and regulations;
  7. 7. When necessary to protect customer's or other person's life, safety and/or assets and when there is a difficulty to gain customer's approval.
  8. 8. When TOYO needs to cooperate with administrative authorities and/or local authorities in order to perform public affairs and when obtaining customer's approval may hamper such public affairs.
  9. 9. When providing personal information to third parties notified to customers or publicized as data-sharing companies.

4. Securing of Accuracy

TOYO shall endeavor to secure and keep personal information provided by customers as accurate and up-to-date as possible.   If there is any change or amendment of personal information provided to TOYO, please communicate to our contact desk.

5. Verification, Amendment and Deletion of Personal Information

If customers request to verify, amend and/or delete personal information controlled by TOYO, TOYO shall promptly correspond within a reasonable period and measures.   Please communicate to our contact desk.   Please be aware that deletion of part or all of such information may block you from using services that customer may request.   Provided that, TOYO could not stop using or delete any information required by related laws and regulations to keep for a certain period.

6. Contact Desk

TOYO accepts requests from customers as provided in Clause 5 and other inquiries in relation to personal information in accordance with the following procedures.   Please be aware that TOYO may not be able to correspond to any requests not in accordance with the following procedures.


Please make inquiries regarding personal information to our contact desk by telephone, facsimile and/or e-mail.

We will announce you the detailed procedures when such inquiry is made.   We will reply by document or other measures, after we confirm that the inquirer himself is the personal information in question, or the authorized agent.   TOYO may ask the customers to fill in some document.

Inquiries by telephone would be accepted from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, during TOYO's business days (Monday through Friday except for national holidays and company holidays).


In order to confirm that the inquirer himself is the personal information in question, TOYO may ask the customer to provide us documents such as the copy of driver's license, health insurance card, certificate of seal-impression, we may make telephone calls to customer's registered telephone number, or we may inquire customer's personal information provided to TOYO such as name, address, telephone number, password, bank accounts.

If agents of customers were to make inquiries, TOYO will ask to provide us letter of proxy or make confirmation call to the customer.

7. Amendment

TOYO may amend this policy from to time in order to conform to the changes in laws and regulations or social changes.   TOYO shall publicize such amended policy by media such TOYO's website.

Policy Regarding Using the TOYO Website

Effective Date: July 1st, 2002
Last Update: November 25th, 2016

For the website operated by TOYO (“TOYO website”), TOYO shall take following measures to protect the personal information.   TOYO may amend this policy.   If any amendment is made, TOYO shall publicize such amended by media such TOYO website.

  1. 1. Use of Personal Information Obtained on TOYO Website
    If customers make inquiries, provide us opinionaire, download any software or use the online shopping, TOYO may ask customers to provide personal information.   TOYO shall take necessary measures to protect such personal information along with personal information obtained by other methods in accordance with “Privacy Policy”.   Especially for information obtained via internet, TOYO shall take reasonable information security measures to prevent an unauthorized disclosure of information.
  2. 2. Use of Technology to Obtain Personal Information on the Internet
    A part of TOYO website uses technology to collect personal information such as CGI, JavaScript and Cookie.   This technology collects information such as terminal device and software used by customers, information recorded in such device and software, web browsing status of our contents without making any notice to customers.   TOYO may use such information collected by the technology to analyze orientation towards our services and to provide effective contents on TOYO website.   Some device and software may able to block such technology by changing the web browsing conditions.   If customers would like to change such conditions, please make reference to instruction book of such device and software or ask the manufacturer of such device and software.   Provided that, please be aware that if such conditions are changed, part of our services on TOYO website may not be available.
  3. 3. Use of Access Log
    TOYO records the information of customers who has accessed TOYO website as access log.   Access log includes domain name of network server, IP address, contents file name of which customer accessed, access date and other information.   Access log may not necessarily include information that could identify an individual.   Provided that, TOYO shall treat the access log mutatis mutandis to personal information.   Access log would be used for statistical analysis of usage of website, and it would be used for the purposes on [1. Purpose of Use] of [General Rules Regarding Personal Information Based on the Privacy Policy].
  4. 4. Security of Websites Linked to TOYO Website
    TOYO shall not be responsible for security of customer's personal information at any websites linked to TOYO Website operated by any other companies.

Contact Desk

If you have any questions regarding “Privacy Policy”, personal information and/or any procedures, please communicate the following contact desk.

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