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Social & Environmental Activities

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an important concept for every company.
Concepts and terms that have been advocated with respect to business attitudes toward society— including corporate ethics, ecology, social contribution, product liability, disclosure, compliance, sustainability, and universal design - are all encompassed by the meaning of CSR, which has a dominant part of our operating environment.

The Toyo Ink Group has been involved in social activities like these for many years. As a chemicals manufacturer, the Group has been vigorously undertaking trials and activities, especially relating to the environment, for more than 20 years. These initiatives have produced steady results.
In April 2005, the Toyo Ink Group set out a CSR Charter and CSR Action Guidelines, which specify its corporate philosophy system as it relates to CSR. At the same time, the Group established a CSR Committee and introduced a system for determining its CSR policy and promoting specific activities.

Update: Oct. 1, 2018