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CSR of the Toyo Ink Group

The Toyo Ink Group's management framework consists of the Corporate Philosophy System and CSR Value System. The Corporate Philosophy System has our corporate philosophy at its top and serves the purpose of creating value. The CSR Value System clearly states the Group's commitment to its social responsibility. These two systems are inextricably linked.
Aiming to be a company creating new value for human culture throughout the world, as proclaimed in its Corporate Policy, the Toyo Ink Group believes that the CSR management it envisions will be implemented as we carry out corporate management as a good partner in the global market, fulfilling our social responsibility as a chemical company.

CSR Promotion System

To advance its CSR management, the Toyo Ink Group has established the CSR Generalization Committee, integrating the system of CSR promotion into its corporate governance structure. With four subcommittees—the subcommittee on compliance, the subcommittee on risk management, the subcommittee on environment and safety and the subcommittee on CSR promotion—which were set up under the CSR Generalization Committee, the Toyo Ink Group have been pursuing a range of activities. The CSR Generalization Committee is responsible for the planning, promotion, and follow-up of CSR related activities.
Aside from the CSR Generalization Committee, we established a Quality Management Committee in April 2012. Through the activities of this committee, we are striving to further improve the quality of our products.

Update: Apr. 27, 2017