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Packaging Materials Related Business

•Gravure inks •Flexo inks •Screen inks •Solvents for guravure printing •Gravure printing systems and prepress

In the process of manufacturing many different package products that are part of everyday life, it is essential that we reduce CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and petroleum solvents and to take other steps to protect the environment and build a sustainable society. In the field of food packaging and other soft packaging in particular, there are enormous needs for solvent-free inks and water-based inks to provide consumers with assured safety.

While Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. acts as a core operating company, individual companies in the Toyo Ink Group address these packaging markets. With respect to water-based gravure inks, which are the principal products in this domain, we offer a broad array of models for different applications, including paper, film, and retort pouch food packaging. The know-how refined through the development and production of these gravure inks has been extended, and is now utilized in printing on thin paper and cardboards. Combined with water-based adhesives and hot-melt adhesives suited to different applications, it is also used in a wide range of package printing and processing

We also offer materials essential to the production of packages for enhanced safety and assurance. They include laser marking agents to prevent falsification of the date of manufacture or exfoliation of print due to the content, as well as lamination coatings to protect the contents from ultraviolet degradation.

We also supply solvent-recovering gravure printing systems that recover the VOCs generated in the printing process and reuse them as recycled solvents, prepress systems with a sophisticated color separation feature for lowering ink consumption, and screen prepress systems that eliminate the need for cleaning processes. With diverse systems and expertise, we contribute to environmental harmony and reduced energy and material consumption in clients' package production processes.

(April, 2011)
Update: Apr. 4, 2014