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Our Business

Printing & Information Related Business

•Offset inks (Web, Sheetfed) •UV (ultraviolet) curing inks •Newspaper inks •Metal decorative inks •Inkjet inks •Printing materials and machinery

The Printing & Information Related Business is one of the Toyo Ink Group's fundamental businesses, with the Group focusing on the printing market since its founding. While Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. acts as a central operating company, several companies in the Group are involved in this business.

In this sector, the Toyo Ink Group has an advantage in its integrated production, which covers all stages ranging from pigments and resins used as raw materials for printing inks to finished products. This enables higher productivity and quality, benefiting our clients, namely printing companies. We also offer an array of eco-friendly products as we introduce green initiatives to manufacturing processes and raw materials. For example, we use petrochemical-free materials to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), use non-edible natural materials and recycled vegetable oil to enable the transition towards a recycling society, and slash CO2 emissions in the processes of raw material procurement and production.

We also develop and offer high functional and high value-added ink products. They include LED-UV curable inks that require lower energy for curing, wide color gamut inks that are comparable with AdobeRGB in color reproduction in four-color process printing, water-based ink-jet inks for industrial use and for print-on-demand (POD), and silver paste inks used for forming RFID, FPC, and other circuits.

The Toyo Ink Group's Printing & Information Related Business is not confined to the provision of ink products. It also proposes solutions to contribute to society, such as standardization support activities for client printing processes and the provision of assistance and tools associated with color management and color universal design.

(April, 2011)
Update: Apr. 4, 2014