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Our Business

Polymers and Coatings Related Business

•Coating materials •Adhesives •Laminating adhesives •Hot-melt adhesives •Resins •Can coatings •Natural Extracts

Starting its business with the manufacture and sale of printing inks, the Toyo Ink Group has independently produced ink materials throughout its long history. In parallel with that, the Group's Polymers & Coatings Related Business has been creating new products that fit the needs of the times with the use of polymers, part of the ink materials, as the principal material.

This business is operated by several companies in the Group with Toyochem Co., Ltd. as the central operating company. It deals in a broad range of products incorporating polymer synthesis technologies and a lineup of coating products created by upgrading, innovating and enhancing functional materials.

These products were created by performing precision control based on our unique technology against polymeric compounds with properties derived from their molecular weights, chemical structures, functional groups, and other aspects. They are used in many different applications indispensable to everyday life, including everyday signs, beverage cans for beer and soft drinks, automotive interiors, liquid crystal panel televisions, and other home electronics, cosmetics, smartphones, other mobile terminals, and the solar cells that will play a key role in generating new energy. The precision-designed polymers serve not only as core materials but also as specialty materials for the Toyo Ink Group. We believe that we will be able to develop new functions, open new demand, and nurture new markets by fusing them with the unique technologies we have developed over the years.

(April, 2011)
Update: Apr. 4, 2014