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Colorants & Functional Materials Related Business

•General purpose pigments •High functional pigments •Pigment dispersions •Plastic colorants •Recording material coatings • LCD color filter materials

The Colorants & Functional Materials Related Business deals with products created from organic pigments, which are among the most important materials for printing inks, by combining colorant technologies, organic chemical synthesis technologies and advanced dispersion technologies. Led by Toyocolor Co., Ltd. as central operating company, this business is operated by several companies in the Group.

The organic pigment synthesis technology is essential to the specialty chemicals of the Toyo Ink Group. As a world leader in colorants, we add different functional features matching the needs to organic colorants produced in Japan, China, Europe, and elsewhere and supply them globally. Colorants for plastics are notable coloring materials, comparable with pigments. Not simply serving the purpose of coloring plastics, they are used in a broad array of applications, including automotive interior parts, home electric appliances, and different kinds of containers, incorporating flame resistance, conductivity, convenience in molding, electromagnetic shielding, and many other features.

One technology, nano-level dispersion processing, which is based on an amalgamation of technologies developed through the manufacture of inks and coatings, has enabled functionally enhanced color filter materials for liquid crystal displays. Color filters are key components in color reproduction on liquid crystal displays. The Toyo Ink Group offers them in three different forms to suit customers' needs, specifically pigments, pigment dispersers, and color resist inks.

Dispersion processing technology is not only used for organic pigments. Its application has been expanded to carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and other next-generation inorganic materials to support the future evolution of material technologies.

(June, 2012)
Update: Apr. 4, 2014